Key features 


  • Delicately customized products focusing on the details of customers' environments - coating, packaging, diameters, feeding system etc
    Premium solid wire with superior tangling prevention system and excellent weldability as renowned
    New solution for GA application - Superb anti-porosity and none-slag type wire 


  •  High speed switching pulse control
     High speed welding with low spatter
  •  Compatible with robotic welding and automation systems
Recommended products 

Chassis frames          Exhaust pipe          Other products                    


Chassis frames 


Consumables AWS JIS EN
SM-70S A5.18/ASME SFA5.18 ER70S-6 Z3312 YGW16  ISO 17632-A-T 46 Z M M/C 3
SM-70 A5.18/ASME SFA5.18 ER70S-3 Z3312 YGW12  ISO 14341-A G2Si- Z3312 YGW16
SC-70Z A5.18 E70C-G      ISO 14341-A G 42 2 C 3Si1  








Exhaust pipe 

Consumables  AWS JIS  EN 
SW-309LNSCored A5.9 EC309Lv Z3323 TS309L-MA0  ISO 17633-A-T 23 12 L M M
  SF-409Ti  A5.9 EC409  Z3323 TS409-MAO  
  Other products 
Stick electrodes Flux cored wire / Metal cored wire SAW Wire & Flux MIG / MAG wire TIG wire Ni-Alloy Others
   SF-430Nb    SM-430LNb    ST-430LNb  
   SF-430    SM-70EN